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Best cash-game tournaments for rookies, experts and pro’s

Your skill is your income!

Coin packs

Внутренняя валюта платформы
Coins allow you to pay entry to Freeroll tournaments and claim cash prizes.
100 ₽
250 ₽
800 ₽

Tournament tickets

Veni Vidi Vici platform ticket
You can use a ticket to pay for participation in any paid tournament where the price of entry is lower than or equal to the face value of the ticket. If the entrance price is higher than the face value of the ticket, several tickets must be used for payment.
1 билет
50 ₽
50 ₽
10 билетов
500 ₽
50 ₽
50 билетов
2500 ₽
50 ₽

Скоро появится ещё больше подписок!

Infinity Freeroll
Take part in all freeroll tournaments! Only 3 freerolls per week are available without a subscription
Выгода более 800₽
Coins x2
With daily participation in tournaments for a month, you will receive more than 50,000 coins
Win more than 50,000 coins / month

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